Senior Mid Cap Financing

Senior Mid Cap Financing - Our key figures

1 100 million euros
assets under management

The team is involved in Senior financing tranches in the context of LBO transactions, external growth or refinancing operations. The team targets French companies achieving an EBITDA from €8m to €75m.

The advantages of Senior Mid Cap Financing

For the shareholder of the issuing company

Allows to finance a significant portion of an acquisition, external growth or refinancing project on attractive terms and without any dilution in capital.

For the company's bankers

Fits into syndicated bullet loans.

For the development of the company

Covers a wide range of needs, including financing investments and/or external growth.

For Senior Debt Investors

Investors benefit from the priority nature of its repayment and its first-lien guarantees.

Regarding risk/return

The remuneration of the Senior Debt is based on the payment of interest, generally at Euribor floating rate plus a margin; it is paid quarterly or semi-annually.

Thanks to the many protective factors of a Senior Debt (first rank on cash flows and guarantees, covenants and reporting obligations in particular), default rates are historically low and recovery rates high, leading to excellent protection of the amounts invested.

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